Plasta brand products

Plasta brand products

The new assortment of PLASTA brand is based on the needs of the local end-user (households), the company’s experience in foreign markets and finding of product niches. In the new assortment you will find the most suitable bags that match your client or customer needs: function, thickness, size, color, packaging, etc.


Extremely durable garbage bags are made from 100% recycled plastic. Product quality is ensured by our laboratory’s research. 


STRONG Garbage Bags


Extremely strong and firm bags are several times more durable than ordinary garbage bags. The bags are thicker, tight and impermeable to liquids. A wide range of bag volumes will satisfy any consumer’s needs, i.e. from the smallest bag of 15L used for the bathroom recycle bin to 240L used for the works in the garden, yard, industry or public sector. 




Bags with laces are very practical: all the volume of a bag is used for garbage, and it is easy to tie and carry to the garbage container. Strong and reliable bag made of recycled raw material. Therefore, it is stretcher and tighter (impermeable to liquids).

The range of the bag volume is created to suit the user’s needs regarding the size, i.e. 35L and 60L bags for the bathroom and kitchen recycle bins and 100L bags for garages, working outside, in offices, at hotels, etc. 




Knotties is the next generation of economical garbage bags produced by using a patented technology. They are easy to use – just tie and carry (two easy-to-carry handles with special holes for carrying). The bag volume is used efficiently – it is filled with garbage up to the handles, i.e. laces. The new product may be used at home, for HoReCa, by cleaning companies, public sector and industry customers. 


FUNCTIONAL Garbage Bags (category)


High-quality garbage bags of various colours and volumes made of firm recycled plastic raw material. The assortment is formed considering a wide range of consumer needs from small works near the house to constructions. Each bag has different size, thickness, and firmness.


LET’S DO IT Garbage Bags


The result of a joint National Cleaning Campaign LET’S DO IT and PLASTA project is garbage bags designed specifically for this campaign. These bags have a big volume, they are firm and convenient to use for environmental and garden work, i.e. adapted to carry heavier rubbish. Each purchased bag supports the organization “Mes Darom” and contributes to the annual campaign LET’S DO IT.




These bags are for storage and transporting large-sized, construction, and household waste. In order to withstand a heavy weight, the bags are made of extremely thick two-layered plastic. There are also bags of smaller volume and dimensions to make them easier to lift and transport.


GARDEN Waste Bags


Firm, stretchy, sturdy and thick bags of green colour. These garbage bags are intended to use for various garden works.




Specially designed garbage bags for containers of 120L and 240L are used to take care of hygiene: ensured cleanliness, protection against possible liquids and bad odour (especially in summer). The use of container bags will ensure cleanliness and no additional complex container cleaning will be required.

The bag is made of 100% recycled plastic. Therefore, even though the bag is thin, it is stretchy.


XXL Garbage Bags


Extremely large bags for storing and transporting lightweight waste, such as, sawdust, leaves, or paper. Suitable for tire and other items storage. The product is made of 100% recycled plastic.


STRETCHY Garbage Bags


These garbage bags are made of linear low-density secondary polyethylene. Extremely stretchy bags are designed for glass junk, debris or other sharp non-standard form items. Even if there appears a small hole, there is no fear that the bag will be torn and rubbish will be poured out.




Sorting garbage bags are of two sizes: 60L, 120L. Both sizes perfectly match the needs of both household and business customers. When sorting waste into coloured bags, it’s always clear where and which rubbish should be thrown. Yellow bags are intended for sorting plastic waste, green bags for glass and blue – for paper waste. Bags are firm and stretchy.


MEGA PACK Garbage Bags


Garbage bags are packed in compact boxes that are convenient to keep in kitchen drawers, garage shelves, and household or use in the industry. One box of the garbage bags should be sufficient for a very long time, i.e. about 3-6 months. Therefore, you will forget about purchasing them at the shop for a long time. The bags are easy to pull out of a box because there is a dispenser. 




Thick and extremely firm kitchen (bathroom) garbage bags contain an antibacterial element that prevents bad odour and protects the contents of the bag from bacterial growth. This is especially relevant when growing small children who like to explore the environment. Due to stretching of the bags, they are safe to carry to the containers – garbage will not spill out in case of a small hole.


Includes certificated antimicrobial masterbatch CORDULEN AM 8018/UNI: This element is very effective, and harmless for human health and environment. It prevents the growth of many different microbes (gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, fungi and yeast).


FUN Garbage Bags


Colourful garbage bags with playful press will decorate children room, bathroom or kitchen, or will make you smile at your workplace. Firm and reliable bags are a great way to educate the younger generation to sort waste with fun.