PLASTA opened its subsidiary in the United Kingdom

PLASTA opened its subsidiary in the United Kingdom on the 1st of April 2014. The main focus of the newly established enterprise is production of garbage sacks from recycled plastic. Simon Marchant, having a lot of years of experience in the market, has been appointed as CEO.


“After analyzing ongoing processes and demand for garbage bags in the EU plastic market, we have decided to develop our sales by adding production capacities outside of Lithuania. This will enable us to offer our UK clients  shorter lead times and the ability to react quickly to any unforeseen problems.  It also gives us the opportunity to explore new  business opportunities.  PLASTA continues to have operational control with 90 percent of shares, the remaining 10% belong to Mr. Marchant” – PLASTA CEO Vytas Poderis said.


The purpose of creating „Plasta (UK) Limited“ is to conduct localized production and ensure optimal supply to end-users, thereby increasing our flexibility and service level. This will expand PLASTA sales channels and help develop client relationship, increase the popularity of PLASTA brand. PLASTAs know how will help expanding and optimizing newly opened venture‘s  operational processes in the local market.