Innovation from Plasta

PLASTA has introduced a new range of ergonomic waste bags “Knotties”“Knotties” is a new form of a waste bag (especially effective use of its capacity) with two easy-to-tie handles and double holes for extra lift strength. This new product is designed primarily for end users, but they are also well suited to other market segments, such as hotels, cafes, restaurants, other institutions.


This bag will naturally fill the gap between regular waste bags and drawstring or T-shirt type bags. Our worldwide patent will assure product uniqueness for PLASTA partners and clients creating a competitive edge in all markets. No other producers will introduce this product to the market.  “Knotties” were tested in several retail chains. On the basis of the successful results it was decided to introduce this product both to local and main export markets.


It’s important to notice, that “Knotties” like all other “Plasta” waste bags are made ​​of 100% recycled material. Thus, they are environment friendly. For more information, please refer to “Plasta” sales managers, who will provide you more information about the product and its supply conditions.


Also you can download “Knotties” presentation here.