Garbage bags DAROM


DAROM and PLASTA joint project – garbage bags specially created for annual environment cleaning campaign starts today.

The advantages of new DAROM bags are:
– The product is made from 100% recycled plastic raw materials;
– The bag is distinguished by its strength and is designed for the environment and gardening activities chores;
– Each bought bag supports organization “MES DAROM” and contributes to the annual campaign DAROM support.

Campaign DAROM  is the first mass event in Lithuania after recovery of independence of Lithuania.
Since 2008, every year Lithuanian organization MES DAROM organizes a campaign on cleaning environment. Many country’s leaders, businessmen, politicians, journalists, students, seniors and others participate in this annual event. During period of 8 years, this project involved 1,101,000 participants and collected 35 000tons waste.

Look for DAROM bags in supermarkets starting today.
Do it for cleaner Lithuania!