Waste bags

Having accumulated almost 60 years of practical experience and creating all the conditions for applying the latest innovations, PLASTA currently adopts and implements unique solutions and projects.

The new range of PLASTA generic garbage bags has been tailored to the needs of end-users (household and business customers), while taking into account the company’s experience in foreign markets and the discovery of product niches. You will find bags that match your needs by function, thickness, size, color, packaging, and other criteria in the new range of bags.

Extremely durable garbage bags are made of 100% recycled post consumer waste, therefore these products contribute to the conservation of nature: sorted plastic waste is purchased, the carbon dioxide emissions are reduced, gradual efforts are made to get as close as possible to waste-free production. Product quality is ensured through tests at the company lab.

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The new assortment of PLASTA brand is based on the needs of the local end-user (households), the company’s experience in foreign markets and finding of product niches. In the new assortment you will find the most suitable bags that match your client or customer needs: function, thickness, size, color, packaging, etc.

Extremely durable garbage bags are made from 100% recycled post consumer waste. Product quality is ensured by our R&D laboratory’s research.

Made to be strong

Enduring. Strong. Withstand. Everything. Strong bags from recycled post consumer waste!
Loves nature and withstands a lot.

Strong and strechy

Withstands it all

Made from 100% recycled waste!

Environment friendly


Several decades of working practices with customers in a wide range of business areas, made us aware of the individual customer preferences in different business segments. That is why we can currently present a wide range of garbage bags of the PLASTA brand, which is perfectly tailored to the needs of our customers and created according to the best practices.

The range includes garbage bags to be used by both small and large businesses, cafes, restaurants and hotels, and is ideal for cleaning companies and other businesses of other areas, as well as the public sector.


Strongly purified assortment

Quality products

Individual orders


Recycling and production factories at unified facility work 24/7. PLASTA manufactures LDPE and HDPE products. We are known across Europe largely due the especially wide selection of garbage bags.

Nearly 100 extrusion lines and garbage bag manufacturing equipment manufacture standard, tied, patented technology Knotties, as well as bags with handles (T-shirt bags). The quality of these bags is evidenced by the fact that we export approximately 85% of our products to more than 20 European countries.