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PLASTA is one of the largest and most trusted polyethylene post consumer waste recyclers, manufacturers and suppliers of plastic products throughout Europe, having created more than half a thousand jobs for professionals in this field.

50+ years

of experience


In order to lead with innovative and efficient solutions, PLASTA invests both time and money in continuous improvement, development and deployment of advanced processing technologies. With over 60 years of experience and many years of practical experience, PLASTA is capable of adopting complex, integrated solutions, apply innovations, stepping up to the growing market demands and requirements, and meeting the needs of customers from diverse industry backgrounds. PLASTA shapes the need by providing new innovative solutions to solve the problems of their clients. The company produces and sells more than 25,000 tons of production per year.


With the immense demand for plastic products, it is only natural for the quantities of produced plastic to grow, which has an inevitable negative impact on the environment. Therefore, PLASTA carries out its activities purposefully and with great responsibility. The largest polyethylene factory of the Baltic States and one of Europe's largest factories in this field is recycling more than 30,000 tons of polyethylene post consumer waste per year. More than 22,000 tons of PLASTA products are made from its own produced secondary raw material - 100% recycled post consumer waste. With its state-of-the-art technology and equipment, PLASTA aims to minimize emissions and its carbon oxide footprint. It also seeks to implement the principle of working without waste.


The range of quality and durable plastic products introduced for the market consists garbage bags, films, sheets and granulate. However, PLASTA garbage bags are the most produced and exported products by their number. Over the years, the company has been manufacturing and exporting more than 0.3 billion garbage bags per year (almost 2 500 tons of garbage bags per month). The quality of production is appreciated by Lithuania and more than twenty foreign countries.


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